Cleaning My Family's Pot Belly Stove

I took the stove apart so I could give it a final cleaning before using it as a decoration for our basement den.  This also makes it easier to move.  Made of solid cast iron it's very heavy!

From the embossed letters and numbers:

Leader Globe
No 212 

From memories of my childhood in Brooklyn, we used it to burn coal.  It probably also burns wood. Whenever we moved I made sure to take the stove with me.  It looks like a work of art.

The special black paint I used on it decades ago is still holding up, no rust, only dust!

I love the flower decoration on each corner and the trim design along the bottom ridge.

Ash Door Slide

Ash Door

All the parts easily move and fit, just like new!


  1. Are you going to paint it black again, give it a little spruce-up before it starts its new decorative life?

    1. I think a good soap and water washing will work fine. The paint is still very black under a coating of dust.

  2. What a nice old stove. That is quite a job taking it apart like that. It will look great in the new room.

  3. How fine is that! Wonderful and cast iron is heavy. Gosh that is going to look every so nice in your new room.

  4. That is a cool looking stove. It does make for a nice decorative piece.

  5. That is a lovely piece to own. It will look nice in your new area!

  6. wow amazing stove John!
    thank you for sharing the all parts images ,reminded me lots about our stove in which mom used coals in winters and placed it in room to keep warm.

    i can realize how heavy this one is

  7. That was a huge job. It is pretty. I am happy to not have to use one any more though. I like my forced air furnace.

  8. I love it! Those old stoves are so cozy. All we have in this rental is a fireplace, i.e. an energy sapper! I can't wait to move and get our own stove for heating. That one you have does have great memories attached too! :)


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