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I'm Guilty!  Someday I'll try to improve my handwriting as a hobby.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog or visiting yours.
  I'm adjusting to a few health issues.


  1. My handwriting stinks! It was the same back in my childhood when my printing stank!!

    I hope things are going as well as possible in the health department, John. It can be a long process to get issues under some kind of predictable routine or balance. Good luck.

  2. 18th century handwriting was pretty darn good

  3. My lovely daughter actually had her weekly reports at work sent back because no one could read them. She was grateful when they began doing them on the computer.

  4. Hope you get the heath issues sorted, I expect you are tired of it all.
    As I've got older my handwriting isn't the best but it's readable.

  5. I have to say that my handwriting can be pretty bad sometimes, especially when I'm in a rush.

  6. I think that's one thing I'm still proud of, I can write legibly lol...considering most of the "writing" I do is through the keyboard! :) Hope you're doing okay health-wise John.

  7. I'm always told my handwriting is ok, and I do enjoy writing letters and cards to people.

    Hope you get your health issues sorted, thinking of you.

    All the best Jan

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  9. My handwriting is bad though one can understand what i am trying to say at least!

    Dear John i hope ,wish and pray that may dear God give you complete recovery from your health problems and stay in touch as i indeed we all enjoy your fantastic sharings!!!

  10. Hope that you are feeling better John. Happy Baseball!


I enjoy reading your comments.
I'll visit your blog.


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