My Hot Water Stinks!

I have a problem this week about my hot water smelling like rotten eggs.  Not all my hot water from the faucets smells bad. It's mostly in one of the bathrooms. The cold water is not affected so I know it's the hot water heater.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Luckily I bought a warranty. the water heater should be repaired or replaced later this month.  Here's a video about what I believe is the problem.


  1. You're lucky my feet smell that way 24/7

  2. I haven't heard of that problem being caused by a hot water heater. Good to know. I hope your plumber gets there on schedule, gets finished on schedule, and asks only a reasonable amount as payment!

  3. That is such an awful smell. When I lived in Detroit that smell would hang over sections of the city for days at a time. It was always the oxidation of metals that caused it.

  4. Sounds awful. I hope it gets fixed!

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