My Rollator Is Ready to Go

My rollator came in a box with only a few pieces to put together. Easy, right? But after I finished it was difficult to steer.  Either something was wrong or I only needed some practice. The next day my physical therapist was coming for a treatment session.  I'd ask her to have a look.

To my embarrassment, I had the rear wheels in front and the front wheels in back!  She was very nice about it, told me men sometimes tend to put things together without carefully studying the directions.

It glides very easily and is much faster than a wheelchair.  The physical therapist told me to take my time, not rush with it.  After a little practice I think I'll really like it.  It's like a seat on wheels with a small storage bag.


  1. Watch out, world -- here comes John! Keep on rollin'!

  2. Great thing to have. I'm sure it will make getting around so much easier.
    I bet you didn't read the directions. : )

  3. You didn't say whether the therapist was right about you not reading the instructions - hah! You can 'fess up, we're all friends here - lol

  4. I'm happy that you have your new "wheels". No races for a while though.

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