Wired for EEG

I'm scheduled to take another EEG exam for three days.  I'll have the electrodes put in tomorrow, wear them all weekend, then have them removed on Monday.  I will go home wearing the wires on my head. It's not painful, just annoying.
This weekend I'll keep learning how to use the new iPhone I just bought.  My flip-phone would not recharge. This is the second flip-phone I've had that did this.  Besides, it was time for me to finally get a "smart phone".  Kidding around I used to call my old phone a "dumb phone" because all it could do was to make and receive calls and text.  It was easy with almost nothing to learn about using it.
 The EEG will be checking all the areas of my brain. I must be in there somewhere. Maybe the combination of all the functioning areas make up a soul. Maybe the soul just goes for a ride in the body, like a person riding in a car. Who knows for sure. It would be great for me to have more faith in God and a meaningful existence.

The last EEG from a few years ago showed a spot something like the one in the image.
 I hope it did not get worse.

This video is about Sophia, an advanced human-like robot who seems to have feelings. Is Sophia real or just an advanced ventriloquist's puppet?  For now I think she is an independently thinking machine following programmed pathways something like an advanced chess playing robot.  Someday a robot will be created to be as real as a human, like in science fiction movies. There might even be robots with human parts.
Will such a robot have a soul? 


  1. Be thankful the nodes they attach to your head are pasted on. They used to e little pins that were inserted all over the head. They did not hurt but they were scary. Did you know that Julius Caesar had seizures? When he lost consciousness he declared that his soul was communing with the gods.

  2. I thought your blog post said Wired for EGG. You need to eat eggs those three days, it will bring you luck. Robots with soul? I don't think so. Best wishes.

  3. I hope your EEG exam shows good results for you!

  4. I've read that scientists tend to believe more in a higher power or be more spiritual than the rest of the population because their work shows them so many marvellous and mysterious things. It's not that they believe in God, per se, but that they see the power and the forces in the universe, and feel they must originate somewhere. I think the spark of life and the soul of a living thing are things that will never be replicated by robots, no matter how self-aware or human-like they become otherwise. Just my two cents!

  5. P. S. I hope your EEG results help with your medical treatment.

  6. Best of luck with your EEG. I hope the results are great!

  7. Good luck with the EEG that you’re doing. I hope it proves successful. I don’t think robots will ever have a soul though.

  8. Best of luck with your EEG...

    All the best Jan


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