Hobo Symbols and Life

Last week I posted about the symbols used for washing clothes, Laundry Symbols".  Now I found some symbols used by hobos. For me these symbols are difficult to understand but the descriptions are great.  Their lifestyle is so interesting.

Try a full screen and louder. I had to put it on maximum sound level.

You can turn down the sound level for this one!


  1. You made me remember a cute story from about 40 years ago. Almost every place I lived has been fairly near railroad tracks. Our neighbors were having a real problem with hoboes stopping by for a handout. Then we found the markings on the side of the house. Two vertical lines let them know that they would be given food there. After the lines were removed the hoboes did not stop there any more.

  2. I read somewhere that the word "hobo" comes from combining the first two letters of each word in the phrase "HOmeward BOund."

  3. Interesting …
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan

  4. i found these symbols very interesting dear John!

    liked the second video sooo much ,i can watch this everyday ,so cherish:)

    hope you are feeling fine my friend!

  5. This is really fascinating. It was a hard time for many men back when hobos were common.


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