Laundry Symbols

These symbols are not clear to me. 
I can guess at some but I'm not certain. 
How about you?

Here is a sort of "test" I set up:

It's not finished!
For me the written explanations are useful.  I can do without any symbols.  There is no way most of them can be interpreted, so why bother to print them? 
(Sorry the chart would not fit without being too difficult to see.)

I just realized the use for the symbols.  They are to save space on the clothing label.  
I usually just throw the clothes in and turn on the switch so that's why I never thought of it.

But then you'd still need a chart to interpret the symbols.

Print a copy for yourself if you think it might help.


  1. Wow, there are some there I've never even seen before, let alone understand. Everything I buy these days has to be machine washable and machine dryable, with the odd exception for something that needs hung to dry. Even if I really, really like something, if it needs special care it stays in the store.

    1. Thank you for putting this together, by the way.

  2. In a globalized economy, the symbols also convey the same information without the necessity of translating words into a bunch of different languages.

  3. I could understand a few of these symbols, but not all. When we were in Spain our washing machine had symbols that make no sense to me at all, but we managed to wash clothes anyway.

  4. I recognize some of them but others are not familiar. Most of our clothing is similar so our wash is rather simple.

  5. Sometimes it can be so confusing …
    When we bought our washing machine it came complete with a laundry guide a little similar to what you are showing here.

    All the best Jan


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