I never knew there was a different type of keyboard like DVORAK instead of QWERTY (named after the first six letters on the left of the first row) , at least not in English or similar languages.

Chinese has a modified QWERTY keyboard something like:

Or maybe this keyboard below is purely Chinese:

Back to English: 
The video below explains why the QWERTY keyboard
is used almost 100% today and some future possibilities. 

Not changing my keyboard, it's not worth the effort for me.


  1. Interesting post dear John!

    either i did not know that keyboards vary in different parts of the world

    our looks same as one in first pic though some keys below 0n left have different signs

  2. Fascinating video! I was taught the urban myth that the QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow typists down so the typewriter didn't jam. And actually, I'm not quite prepared to concede that it's an urban myth. I learned how to type on an old manual Underwood -- jamming was a fact of life! And what a pain in the butt it was.

  3. Didn't know there were different keyboard arrangements. Interesting.

  4. I had no idea there was a different keyboard arrangement. I always assumed it was just one.

  5. Now that's interesting.
    I didn't know there were different keyboard arrangements.

    All the best Jan

  6. Our daughter learned the Dvorak layout when she was bedridden during her teens. I think there was a way to change it in Word but I don't remember exactly. She used it for a short while but went back to the normal one eventually. I can't imagine trying to learn a new one at this point; the old one is so second-nature to me and much easier than writing. I'd miss not being able to type.

  7. I also assumed there was just one as well! I learned to type with the QWERTY layout back in the 80's in school so I wouldn't adjust well to another one!

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