Our Smallest Christmas Tree Yet

When we were younger we bought a large live tree. Then we moved down to smaller and smaller trees each year.
Finally we bought an artificial tree.  Little by little that got smaller each year until now we have the smallest one we've ever had.
But it's the spirit of Christmas that counts the most.


  1. Yes, it's definitely the spirit that counts! We still use a large tree (albeit an artificial one) but the rest of the decorating has gone down. Eventually we will also just put up a very small tree. It'll be enough for the two of us.

  2. Big or small, it still lights up the night!

  3. It's a beautiful tree and very pretty.
    Am trying to buy a 4ft one but can't seem to find one.

  4. I hear you. We've done the same thing. Still a lighted Christmas tree no matter what the size is pretty.

  5. Lo importante es seguir con la ilusión de la Navidad

  6. It's a beautiful tree, looks so pretty.

    All the best Jan

  7. I think the lights are what draw our eyes, and it doesn't matter how big or small the tree as long as there are some lights or even some shiny objects that reflect other light!

    I always think I want to downsize but my husband likes the traditional tree (and he's the one who gets it and puts it in the stand) and I am always glad afterward that we've managed it for another year.

  8. I LOVED this smallest yet prettiest tree dear John :)

    This is obviously not about the size it's about the attitude
    The way you look at it!


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