One Day at a Time

Lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my health problems and Lynette's health problems.  It would be good if one of us was healthy so he can take care of the other one. Now it depends on how each one of us feels on a particular day.

Looking for some encouragement, I skimmed through the web. Here's something that helped:

(I couldn't get the size right so click on it to make it legible)


  1. This is a very good approach to life. Not always easy to achieve, but worth striving for! Sending best wishes to you and your wife for happy days.

  2. This is a good way to live. You can look back fondly on the past knowing that it is done. You can look forward to the future with hope. Today however is what we have right now.

  3. Dear John i wish and pray may you both be healthy and look after each other

    this is powerful and touching post my friend and your insight is inspirational my friend!

    the point you highlighted in your post today is my mission since i joined blogging world
    life is same since always ,it is our attitude that need a positive change

    we should realize the Value of present moment at Right time when all is fine and we are incharge of our life

    It is So true and undeniable that life is gift and worth living with precise outlook so we can avoid false temptations and stick to right direction

    i am glad you have such wonderful attitude my friend
    with such positivity you will surly cross this tough times of your life and Lord will help you from unknown and miraculously , your faith is your guard my friend!

  4. There is a lot of wisdom in that quote. I'm sorry to hear you and your wife are both having a difficult time. As you say, when you're both down and out, there's no back up. I hope things improve, and meantime living day by day is a good approach.

  5. I'm sorry for both of your health problems John. Wishing you both the best. Taking one day at a time is hard for us, even though we know it's a good thing to do, modern life and nostalgia sometimes get in the way.

  6. Taking one day at a time is good advice.
    Sorry to read that both you and Lynette are having health problems, thinking of you both and hoping things improve soon.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan


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