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Happy, Happy New Year
The Fantastikids
Happy happy new year
Another reason to rejoice is here
52 weeks to make your heart sing
And see what four new seasons will bring
Happy happy new year
Toss out bad memories by their ear
Gather up new ones in a bouquet
Ring out the old ring in a new day
Happy happy new year
Our resolution now we will hear
If we could all run toward the light
So many wrongs could be put right
Happy happy new year
Let's not forget about the things that we're
So lucky to have in our lives
Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives
Happy happy new year
Let there be summer, let there not be fear
The clouds will pass over our heads,
And let the sun shine on us instead
Happy happy new year
Another opportunity is here
To just believe in what we can be
And see our dreams become reality

Text Me Merry Christmas

I've never heard this cute, funny Christmas song before.

Jump Rope Dance (Very Cute)

I just had to share this. I found it while wandering through the web. I'm sure it must be Russian.

Try full screen.


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