Roman Conquest Weapons: A Force of Death !

Here is an interesting video of ancient Roman military tactics.

The video is about 20 minutes long. Enjoy!

An Autumn Image I Found on the Web

I found this photo on the internet last year but I don't remember where.  
It could be from someone's blog.  I'm just not sure. If it's your photo let me know so I can give you credit.

I did put a frame around it using FotoFlexer.  ( )

I love the colors and the reflection of the trees and clouds in the water.

Sleepy Saturday 2013

Today it was an effort just to get up.  I managed to spend an hour on my exercise bike, which gave me slightly more energy. Posting on my blog was enjoyable.

This afternoon Lynette and I are going to a farmer's market in "Old Town Winchester".  It's a small "city center" with restaurants and small locally owned stores.  The farmer's market is a one day event from 1 PM until 4 PM.

Later we're going to the grand opening of Castiglia's Pizza Amore.  It's a small family business. We like the owners.  They offer some of the best Italian food we've ever tasted.

This is one of the owner's restaurants but they had to shut down their old restaurant.  Now they just have this one. I liked the atmosphere of the old place. Hopefully they can turn this one into more of a restaurant than a pizza parlor.

I wish them luck!

My Backyard Dogwood, Fall 2013

The "Y" of Pythagoras

“The Pythagoras Letter two ways spread,
Shows the two paths in which Man’s life is led.

The right hand track to sacred Virtue tends,
Though steep and rough at first, in rest it ends;

The other broad and smooth, but from its Crown
On rocks the Traveler is tumbled down.

He who to Virtue by harsh toils aspires,
Subduing pains, worth and renown acquires;

But who seeks slothful luxury, and flies,
The labor of great acts, dishonored dies.”

From: “The Pythagorean Source-book and Library”

So much meaning from one simple letter surprised me. I first found this symbolism for the letter "Y" in a book my wife found in a Boarders bookstore, which was going out of business. She thought I could use it in the novel I was working on.

I don't remember the cost of the book but it was marked down very low, considering all the work that went into writing it.
"The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols" by Adele Nozedar. 
It must be out of print.

Later I found the poem on the link: The Pythagorean Y .

Here's another explanation from the link:

“The Letter [Y] of Pythagoras, cleft by a two-pronged division,
May be seen to display the very image of human life.
For the steep path of virtue takes the righthand way,
And presents difficult access at first to onlookers,
But grants rest to the weary on its lofty summit.
The lefthand path shows the pleasant route, but its endpoint
Casts and rolls its prisoners headlong down over rough rocks.
For whoever has overcome harsh misfortunes through the love
Of virtue, will obtain for himself praise and honour.
But he who pursues sloth and indolent debauchery,
Whilst heedlessly fleeing the toils set before him,
Shameful and contemptible, leads all the while a wretched life.”  

I'm not into the occult but sometimes I find it interesting.
It's a little bit like reading a horror novel.

"The Sevens" A New Group

They are talented! They have good melody and lyrics.
They are better than some of the groups that are out there today. Hopefully an agent will discover them.
I wish them the best.

facebook Link:

More Work to Correct the Basement Dampness

Here is a connection to one of the downspouts.

They look like giant scars across our garden! 
The grass will eventually grow over the buried pipes.
Hopefully this will help keep the basement dry.

Sand, Surf and Wind

One of the many companions we had at Bethany Beach in Delaware.

Only the beach, ocean and horizon.

The slow rhythm of the waves coming and going,
the cool ocean breeze;
it was both a soothing and refreshing experience.

We like to come here every September.

From Georgia Girl with an English Heart: A Painted Bunting

The image is from a blog I like to follow.
Link: Georgia Girl With An English Heart

Basement Progress

Here's what my basement looks like now!
I had flood damage when the hurricane passed by last year and the basement became moldy.  It was always a little damp, especially as the house got older. But the storm turned it into a "mold growing machine".

The old wall coverings and ceiling tiles had to be removed.  Then the contractor scrubbed the walls with bleach to kill the mold.  Three coats of waterproof paint will cover the cinder blocks. I'm lucky my wife insisted on getting flood insurance.

I had to move the furniture into the partially completed area.

It should turn out even better than before the flood
I'll keep you posted as the project progresses. 

I Want My Stitches Removed Now!

This afternoon at 3:45 I'm going to see doctor Swope.  He's the surgeon who preformed my operation.  I want to get my stitches out early before I go on vacation.  If not I'll have to reschedule my vacation.  

Maybe I can get the stitches out after my vacation.  I'll ask him what to do.

My mother-in-law is being discharged from the hospital this afternoon.  My wife said she's still a bit confused but her hallucinations have stopped.  I probably won't be there to see her. It depends on what the doctor does to my hand.

Wish me luck!

I Can Feel Autumn 2013 Will Be Here Soon

We slept with the windows open last night.  There was a slight breeze and the temperature got down to about 71 degrees.  It felt great!  Autumn is on its way.

I still have tomatoes growing in the garden.  They are mostly green.  It's taking a little longer for them to ripen.
Later on if they stay green I'll have to let them ripen indoors.  I've heard they'll ripen faster if you put them in a brown paper bag.

Lynette's mother is in the hospital because her sodium levels were very low and her blood pressure was too high. She's 90 years old so her doctor wants to make sure she's stable before sending her home.

She seems a little confused.  It's  sort of funny yet worrisome.  According to her there were spiderwebs over her head and bugs on her IV line.

Her mom thought the hallway was the street and insisted that Lynette go out and collect the mail.  To calm her down Lynette pretended to do this.

"That's not the mail! You can't fool me."

I hope this is only temporary.

Customizing Your Blog's Font

The other day I was playing with the advanced settings on my blog template.   By using the "Page Text" I found a way to make some interesting changes.  Some of you may already know how to do this but it's all new for me.

Here is what I discovered:

I can change the default font for my post.  But it also changes the "About me", "Archive", "Comments" so you have to see if you like how it looks before changing things.  If you don't like the way it turns out you can always change it back.

Here's the way I found:




 Here you can change the default font, color, size and make it always bold and or italic if you like.

The nice part is that you can see how it will turn out by looking at the bottom part of the screen: 

You can clear all the changes if you change your mind or want to start over. In the illustration, just under the bold, italic, size section is the "Clear advanced  changes to page text" choice.

When finished and back on the post screen you can still choose one of the non-default fonts, size, bold and or italic, etc.  The default will always be the one you set up.

What will change to the new default text:
"Posted by", "About me", "Archive", "Total page views", "Comments" and some others.

Some other things:
~Old posts that were printed in the original default font will change.  If they were printed in a non-default font they will not change.
~You can always go back and change everything again.

Do you know of any other ways to change the font?  Is there a way to use a font that's not listed, maybe something from the internet?


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