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The other day I was playing with the advanced settings on my blog template.   By using the "Page Text" I found a way to make some interesting changes.  Some of you may already know how to do this but it's all new for me.

Here is what I discovered:

I can change the default font for my post.  But it also changes the "About me", "Archive", "Comments" so you have to see if you like how it looks before changing things.  If you don't like the way it turns out you can always change it back.

Here's the way I found:




 Here you can change the default font, color, size and make it always bold and or italic if you like.

The nice part is that you can see how it will turn out by looking at the bottom part of the screen: 

You can clear all the changes if you change your mind or want to start over. In the illustration, just under the bold, italic, size section is the "Clear advanced  changes to page text" choice.

When finished and back on the post screen you can still choose one of the non-default fonts, size, bold and or italic, etc.  The default will always be the one you set up.

What will change to the new default text:
"Posted by", "About me", "Archive", "Total page views", "Comments" and some others.

Some other things:
~Old posts that were printed in the original default font will change.  If they were printed in a non-default font they will not change.
~You can always go back and change everything again.

Do you know of any other ways to change the font?  Is there a way to use a font that's not listed, maybe something from the internet?

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