Notes and Links About Being an Introvert

I consider myself to be an introvert.  I'm comfortable with this even though sometimes I wonder how it would be like to have a few close friends.  I'm not lonely.  I have my wife, daughter, grandson and a small family.

Maybe I'll have to get involved with some volunteer work.  Or is that using the volunteering for ulterior purposes?  I'll have to look for something I truly believe in.

Here's a link to my earlier post about being an introvert:
Understanding the Introvert

  Here are some ideas.  While copying from a few interesting sites I lost some of the credits.  I hope they won't mind.

"Remember, introversion is not an all-or-nothing characteristic. People can be what you might call introverts with a capital I (aka "very introverted") or they might be outgoing in some situations with some introverted tendencies. Introversion exists on a continuum with extroversion, and most people tend to lie somewhere between the two."

"One type isn't "better" than the other. Each tendency can have benefits and drawbacks depending upon the situation. By better understanding your personality, however, you can learn how to play to your strengths."

"Introversion is marked by a number of different sub-traits:
Very self-aware
Enjoys understanding details
Interested in self-knowledge and self-understanding
Tends to keep emotions private
Quiet and reserved in large groups or around unfamiliar people
More sociable and gregarious around people they know well
Learns well through observation."

"As you might imagine, jobs that require a great deal of social interaction usually hold little appeal to people high in introversion. On the other hand, careers that involve working independently are often a great choice for introverts. For example, an introvert my enjoy working as a:
~computer programmer
~graphic designer

Here are links to articles you might want to read or skim:

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Friendship Lessons From Introverts

  1. "Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and humanitarian. Recognized as a film and fashion icon, Hepburn was active during Hollywood's Golden Age." Wikipedia


  1. Here's a great TED talk about the power of introverts:

    1. Thanks for sharing a great video.
      She made some very important points and suggestions.

  2. Wow, John, I always thought I was probably an Introvert... but after reading some of this, now I'm sure of it. Will be back to read more later. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Audrey Hepburn is a hero to me, I think she was a wonderful woman. I am remembering a post I did about her. "My Huckleberry Friends-Johnny Mercer and Audrey Hepburn". I don't know if Johnny Mercer was an introvert but doggone it, he and Audrey were both fascinating!

  4. Hallo John,
    this is a very interesting post, and you are touching a sensible topic...
    sometimes I believe to be an introvert, sometimes not... perhaps I will discover this in the next years, have a good day, ciao ! saluti a tutta la famiglia.

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    ☆ MaRiBeL☆

  6. Many, many bloggers are introverts. Me too!


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