Our First Pressure Cooker

Last week I bought a Pressure Cooker at Walmart to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. It's a Farberware 6 quart "7-1 programmable pressure cooker".  I like it because it can also be used as a crock pot slow cooker.

The first thing we cooked was a pork roast.  It fell apart but tasted great.
Next we want to try the slow crock pot setting, maybe on chicken cutlets.

It's a new toy for old folks.  I even want to try and cook, which is something I usually leave for Lynette who loves to cook.

Any favorite recipes you'd like to share? 
Strange or funny experiences you've had and want to comment about?


  1. Let's see, I don't have one but my Dad cooks pinto beans in his pressure cooker, I think.
    I remember we had one as a kid, man in those days, it scared me to death, I always thought it was going to blow up!

    1. This is the first time we've had a slow cook and pressure cooker.

  2. Have fun with it! I've never used a pressure cooker but we picked up a slower cooker last month and I am loving it. Your machine looks very impressive.

  3. does indeed sound like a new toy to cook with. never had one of those as yet.

  4. I've always been scared of pressure cookers.

  5. Slow cookers are good to use. I love mine. Well, I used to.

  6. My mother used her pressure cooker when she was canning. I like the slow cooker for all those wonderful one pot meals.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    I've not had a pressure cooker, although I know those who use them love them.

    Slow cookers, are great, especially for one pot meals.

    This lamb recipe is nice Beer-braised lamb shanks

    You can even make a dessert in a slow cooker Raspberry Coconut Cake Using A Slow Cooker

    All the best Jan

  8. I wouldn't know how to use one


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