Happy New Year 2017

This week my daughter stayed over several days for the Christmas holiday.  I had a great time, especially with my grandson Miles. We went to Clearbrook park for a walk, watch the ducks land on the lake, watch how the garbage was crushed by a machine at the local dump and more.

Our family had meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas day; once at our house and the other at my in-laws' new home.


Miles enjoyed the train set my in-laws bought him for Christmas.

I'm glad he also loved the play kitchen we got him for a Christmas present.

Have a Great New Year!

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Side Effect from My New Medication

Yesterday I took a long nap and when I woke up I felt like I was drunk.  I'm going to skip taking a nap today or maybe only take a short one.

I'm waiting until the holidays are over before doubling the dose, as my doctor directed.

I found the video and GIF on the web.

Dog & Grandma Christmas Carols

These two songs make me laugh each year.  I found a video of what seems to be dogs actually barking the song without some sort of technical electronic modification.

Here's Grandma's Song

Just before Winter 2016

This adorable puppy must be experiencing its first winter.

Some Strange Looking Nuts

I found most of these on the  Miss Cellania blog.

Mouse Hunt (1997 Movie)

I watched this clever slapstick movie again this morning.  Still getting used to my seizure medication, it brought a much needed smile.  If you enjoy a lighthearted comedy with chases and collisions, you'll like this movie. 

Some Christmas Preparations 2016

I finally finished the play kitchen and Lynette put up a tiny live tree.
We go for a tiny tree because a large one is just too much work instead of being fun for us.
I cut a gash in my fingertip with the power screwdriver while I was setting up the kitchen.  It still hurts but that was my only injury.  I guess I got away easy.

Every year Lynette asks me what I'd like for Christmas but I just never know.  I can't think of any realistic gift; no Rolls-Royce, no collection of homes across the world, no fame and fortune.  None of that would truly make me happy anyway. So it will be a pair of pajamas or something like that.

Here's a closer view of the kitchen. The photo isn't very sharp.

National Microwave Oven Day Dec. 6

From National Day Calendar:

I mostly use my microwave oven to cook frozen vegetables, frozen muffins, potatoes and "TV dinners" .  It doesn't seem like much but I use the oven every day.  
Lynette likes to cook with the stove top and regular oven.

3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Lynette sent away for a toy play kitchen for our grandson Miles.  This is it partway finished.

If he does not like this Christmas present then someday his yet to be born sister may. He'll have many other presents to enjoy.

When it arrived the box was so heavy that we could not lift it. We had to drag it into the bedroom where I could put it together. There were no parts attached to each other.  It was like a jigsaw puzzle but in three dimensions instead of a flat two dimensional set of pieces.

The instruction sheet consisted of fifteen pages without one word on how to put it together.  I'm not exaggerating.  There was not one word. It was all page after page of diagrams.

I'm not a "handyman" so this is a real challenge for me.  But it's fun.  It is difficult but fun, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Here is the cardboard sheet with the screws, bolts and other fasteners, most of which I have no idea of what they're called.

So far this will be the third day that I'm spending many hours working on this project.  I hope it turns out okay.

So far there is only one piece missing, a door handle.  I'm waiting to see if I find more before calling Amazon.  I wanted to check that I had all the pieces before I started but there were just too many. If there are any more missing pieces I'll find them as I go along.

Change in Seizure Medication

I visited my Neurologist yesterday. He wants me keep taking my present medication Lamictal and add Vimpat.
I can't drive for six months. It's almost like being under house arrest, allowed to go out only when Lynette drives me!
It all started when I had a small seizure this past Friday.  Lynette called the medics but I was okay soon after they arrived.
I decided not go to the hospital.

I'm afraid it might interfere with the good mood I've been in.  My depression has been gone for several years. The goal now is to prevent seizures from getting worse.

I'll give it a try and see what happens.


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