Some Christmas Preparations 2016

I finally finished the play kitchen and Lynette put up a tiny live tree.
We go for a tiny tree because a large one is just too much work instead of being fun for us.
I cut a gash in my fingertip with the power screwdriver while I was setting up the kitchen.  It still hurts but that was my only injury.  I guess I got away easy.

Every year Lynette asks me what I'd like for Christmas but I just never know.  I can't think of any realistic gift; no Rolls-Royce, no collection of homes across the world, no fame and fortune.  None of that would truly make me happy anyway. So it will be a pair of pajamas or something like that.

Here's a closer view of the kitchen. The photo isn't very sharp.


  1. Man, that play kitchen looks pretty real! Everything brushed stainless steel -- whatever happened to brightly coloured plastic, like when I was a kid?

  2. That kitchen is much nicer than mine. I like the paper towel rack on the end.

  3. That play kitchen is the neatest thing! Looks better than my real one :)

  4. Lovely tree...big or small, I love Christmas trees!!!
    The kitchen is beautiful, John! Miles will love it!!!
    I am sorry that you were injured. Sounds painful...ouch 🎄☃❄

  5. Hope your finger recovers quickly and doesn't hamper you too much when doing 'things'.
    The tree is very lovely - and presents for Christmas, well you must have most things you want.

  6. Ouch! Christmas time can prove a little dangerous!
    Hop eyour finger is healing well.

    The play kitchen looks great, and I do like your tree too.
    We hope to get our decorations up over this coming weekend.

    All the best Jan

  7. That is such a realistic little kitchen - your grandson will have so much fun.


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