Coal Burning Stove Images

I took this with me when I moved from Brooklyn to Levittown to Virginia.  It was used in my Brooklyn home when I was growing up.  I never used it but I like its appearance.  Years ago I scrubbed it down and painted it with black paint used for stoves.

Here are some images I edited for fun.


  1. We had a stove very similar to this when I was growing up. Along with a larger kitchen stove it was our only source of heat. Man, those were some frosty winters! I like your altered images, especially the first one in shadow.

  2. They look so small but they can give off a lot of heat.

  3. When I lived in West Virginia I had a wood burning stove that was a bit bigger than this. It was interesting to try and cook on it.

  4. The difference is good, like the effects.


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