Pan-Fried Salmon

I found a recipe I can easily cook! Last time I partly burned and made as tough as leather a chicken dish cooked in our pressure cooker. This time I was successful with cooking salmon.

It smells good as it is cooking and tastes great. Next time I'll let the fish defrost for a longer time so I won't have to return it to the pan.

Here's the link where I found the recipe:
Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network

Winter Outside My Back Door

This was the second snowfall this year, much larger than the first.

I like the way the snow makes a sort of cap on the bird feeder.

A few years ago the icicles were larger. One fell down and broke a basement window.

Hope the Weekend Gets Better

I signed up for a new course of physical therapy to begin in a week or so. I quit my present physical therapist because he was discouraging me, telling me I was doing worse.  He even told me to stop exercising and see my doctor.  My doctor said it was fine for me to exercise.  He wrote a prescription for me to give to the new physical therapist.

I'm sure I'm getting better and hope the new therapist will help me more than the old one did.  In a year I progressed from a wheel chair to a walker and can climb the stairs with a cane. But I still need a walker for everyday activities.  CIDP left the strength in my legs and my balance affected.

Lynette will have to keep driving me for a while because of a seizure I had six months ago.  Today I drove my car down the driveway to the mail box and back.  In about a week I'll be allowed to drive again (Six months is the time required after a seizure.).

Lynette is going for an MRI at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  She's in excruciating back pain.  X-rays showed only a bit of arthritis.  The MRI should show if the pain is from some other cause.

We hope to do some grocery shopping and get home before it starts to snow, predicted for 11:00 AM.

The rest of the weekend should be fun.  We'll eat breakfast out and buy some takeout to eat for dinner.

New to Me: Thoughts About Spirals

I came across a web post about spirals that got me thinking about how fascinating they are; in mathematics, science, nature and art.

They have something to do with the Fibonacci  sequence:
"Each number in the sequence is the sum of the two numbers that precede it. So, the sequence goes: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on. The mathematical equation describing it is Xn+2= Xn+1 + Xn"
It's a little bit too technical for me. I'll have to learn more about that but for now I'll just show the video about spirals.

Sorry about the spiral above. It makes it difficult to type or read.

Here's the video:

New to Me: Uppercase vs Lowercase

I never thought about why there are two sets of letters.  Mostly I know how they are used but not why there are two sets.
Enjoy the video.


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