Is This Negative Thinking?

Never mind being half full or empty. 
Maybe it's the wrong glass to start with.

Remember the best seller from decades ago The Power of Positive Thinking?  I came across this video of some philosophical ideas that seem to go the other way, like "The Power of Negative Thinking".

I have a relative who always complains about how bad the world is.  After a short while with him my mood begins to drop. That's why I try to limit my time with him. He looks at you as if you are crazy if you try to say anything positive about life. Sometimes I can make him change for a few seconds before he returns to his old self.

I made my daughter laugh when I told her that he belongs to a society of negative thinkers. I raise my eyebrows to give her a sign about what is coming next when we get together and he begins his negative discussions.

Anyway, this video seems to go for what is a negative view of life. What do you think?

(Click on image to start the video.)


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