How I Get "Organized" (Part One)

Just last night I was looking for some notes, news clippings, leaflets anything having to do with retirement. As I do with my other papers, whenever I find anything of interest I skim it and file it away believing that someday I'll use it.

I knew I'd put the retirement papers somewhere but I just could not remember where. I checked my files. In the folder labeled with a dollar sign "$" there was everything of a financial nature except for retirement. There was no folder labeled "Retirement".

Then I remembered a large loose leaf binder I bought a few years ago at Staples: On the cover:

"Better Binder, Flexible Spine, Lasting performance, Ultra flexible design, Our most durable binder."

 I was so impressed I bought it with much enthusiasm. I knew I'd find something to put in it once I got home. Back at home after playing with the binder for 5 or 10 minutes I filed it on a shelf somewhere happy that if ever I should need one I'd have the best.

  I wondered if maybe I could have punched holes in the retirement papers and put them in that binder. But the only tab labeled in the 8 tabbed folder was "Medical Benefits". I was lost. I had no idea what happened to the retirement notes. A brief instant of anxiety flashed through my mind. What if I threw them away in order to make room and better organize my life?

I sat in my den looking out the window with a blank stare, lost in thought. In my mind I tried to retrace my steps. There had to be more. Then it hit me. Health benefits are very important. I bet I put the retirement papers in the loose leaf binder under the tab "Medical Benefits". I looked into the binder once more. There were no papers under the tab. The whole binder was empty!

In desperation I looked through my file cabinet once more. Towards the back about three-quarters of the way was a file with the label missing. I pulled the file. It was all there all shuffled together in a thick pile. Now in a few hours I would find all the information I needed. It might be too old to use but I would decide that later.

The room, was now cluttered with papers, folders & my empty Staples loose leaf binder on the floor.

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