How I Get Organized (Part Three)

The other day I sat at my desk overflowing with scraps of paper, bills, notes... My mood was at a deep low. How was I going to get my life together? It was all just too much to handle! If I could only find a book to guide me I'd be on my way. Then I remembered buying a book or two about getting organized but I had no idea where I'd put them. I was sure that if only I sat down and forced myself to study the books; written by supposed experts, my problems would be solved.

I decided to search my house to find the books if they were still there. If I'd not put them in the trash years ago. I spent about 2 hours locating the books. After finding the first two books I had a feeling there might be more so I continued my search. After another hour I found 3 more books. A total of 5 books!

Now 2 of the books looked familiar even though I had no idea what was in them. I was certain the other 3 books were not mine. I wondered if my wife bought them, sort of like a subtle hint to be organized. No, I'm sure she gave up on me after the first few years of our marriage.

The books were now spread out on the floor in no particular order. The task of going through them would take hours of tedious reading.

In a fit of anger I began kicking the books across the room. Then I sat at my desk and began punching down as hard as I could. The PC monitor bounced and started to slide towards the edge ready to fall. I stopped it just in time. In frustration I put my head down not knowing what to do.

That's when my wife came into the room

"What was all that pounding?"

I just kept my head down and shrugged my shoulders.

"Are you alright?"

When I did not respond she touched me on the shoulder.

"Wow, look at all these books. I'm so glad you finally decided to become organized. No wonder you look so tired. Why don't you stop for now. I mean you can't do it all in a day."

I sat up with a puzzled look.

"I know. Why don't we go to a movie? We can grab a quick meal at the diner," she said.

"Okay. I'll just put these books on a shelf and get ready."

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