Is there Life After Birth?

I found this post on a Greek site that I follow:
Please excuse the very rough translation. It's from a Google computer generated translation.

A text written with great humor, unknown author, originally from Germany.
In the belly of a pregnant two embryos talk. This is a skeptic, the other full of confidence and faith.
The full doubts fetus asks: "And really believe in life after birth?"
The fetus feels, he replies: "Certainly, yes. For me it is absolutely certain that there is life after my birth. Life here is just to make us grow so we can prepare ourselves for life after birth us, so we are strong enough for what awaits us after. "
The skeptic has little frustrated: "This is pretty silly. There is life after birth. How would seem such a life, anyway?"
The small but loyal, says: "I do not know. But they will have much more light here. And may we stand on our feet and eat with our mouths!"
The full doubts embryo breaks out: "A bunch of nonsense! There is no such thing as walking. And eating with your mouth is really a completely ridiculous idea - we have the umbilical cord that feeds us well enough, already! This alone shows that life after birth is impossible: the umbilical cord is too short! "
Little remains steadfast believer: "It is indeed possible. Just may be a bit different from what we're here."
The little skeptical slowly loses his patience at such foolishness: "Nobody, nobody and I mean never, did not come back after the birth! Take a look at this: Birth is just the End of Life. End of story. And One more thing for you and your wildest dreams: Life is a great trouble in the dark, this is it! "
The small leaves are not loyal to this: "I admit that I do not know exactly how is life after birth. But in any case we will finally see our mother and she will take care of us."
The skeptic gourlose his eyes: "Mother! Mother think? Is ridiculous! Sorry, but. Where is it, I would like to ask?"
The faithful make a small gesture with his hand: "This is here all around us. We live in it and through it. Without it we would not be possible to exist!"
The little skeptic is now possible to contain: "This really reaches the pinnacle of stupidity. And for no reason I can not see anywhere your mother. Not a bit of - it's pretty obvious - it just-not-exist!"
The small, he believes, wagging his head and closes his eyes: "Sometimes when we are very quiet, I hear the singing. Or caress our world. I feel and I feel and believe firmly that birth is a great new beginning! "

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