Plant Room & Mushroom

In my "Plant Room" I transplanted three larger plants into larger pots.  So far so good, nothing unusual.  The mushrooms are another story.

Here is the newest growth progress report for the oyster mushrooms in a box my daughter gave me for Christmas.

I've never seen such a mushroom before and I wonder what my daughter had in mind.  Is it a way to get rid of her old man with poison mushrooms?

Inside the box is a white brick sized, plastic coated  chunk. It looks just like the bricks of cocaine or heroine I've seen on TV.  Hopefully no strange men will come knocking at my door in the middle of the night; not the police and not some criminals.

Up close and scary:

Are they looking for something?

What are those black topped projections on stalks?

I'll find out how they are prepared!


  1. Gee.

    They're starting to look downright creepy.

    1. I know. I'm not sure what to do with them!

  2. Replies
    1. They're supposed to be edible! I think I'm better off just watching what happens.

  3. Hey John!
    I love mushrooms too. Not just to eat them either, I like to photograph them!

    Stop me if you've heard this...oh wait, you can't!
    A mushroom walks into a bar and says "DRINKS all 'round, drinks for everybody!" The bartender says, "Well, that's nice, why are you doing that?" And the mushroom says, "Because I'm a FUN GUY". (Fungi, get it?)
    Okay, it works better when you SAY it! HA!

  4. Nice joke! I want to keep track of my mushroom's growth to see what happens next. Will it someday shrivel up and die?

  5. Wow! That may be the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I love the grow your own mushrooms thing.
    And nothing like making some fresh mushroom risotto straight from your own mushroom garden, huh? Very nice.

    cubensis spore syringe

    1. Thank you Jeffrey. As long as you know for sure that the mushrooms are safe, the risotto sounds good.


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