Exploration Today Versus Centuries Ago

This post is from an earlier one. I lost the photos but now I have them back! Enjoy!

The other day I was thinking about modern exploration. Now I suppose the land is pretty much mapped out except if you count people hiking on trails. The ocean bottom still needs to be explored. "Space the final frontier” as the Star Trek show put it, is still open.

But think about it. Now there is always contact with home base. After the invention of the radio it was relatively easy to communicate if you met with any trouble on your journey. You had access to expert advice. If needed you could call for help.

Back in the days of Columbus once sailors set out to sea they were on there own. The only human contact was with their own shipmates. If they ran into rough weather there was no call for a rescue crew.

If you sank no one would know for months and even then they had to just assume you were “lost at sea“. In my opinion they were much braver taking greater risks than any explorers today.

Except for the astronauts. But at least you would soon know if they met a tragic end. I don’t know but maybe if they went far enough away to lose communication with earth then they would be in the same situation the old sailors were in.


  1. This is a very interesting post. I learned today something new. And I agree that people in those days were much braver and they faced many challenges.

    I wish you also a very nice and productive week. I enjoyed your pictures and your thoughts very much.


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