I Want a World of Angels and Fairies

From a beautiful Brazilian blog called Retratos da Alma.
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I want a world of angels and fairies
where the good is the air you exhale
and the perfume of flowers is the essence of harmony
it is always present
and all perceive and feel

I want a world of angels and fairies
where the smile and the look of love is the spokesman
protests against evil

I want a world of angels and fairies
I want to be just light and gratitude
I dance in the wind
with flowers that fly from my thoughts

I want to feel the joy of a magical world
of universal love
I want to play with children who never grow
and dreaming of the day when mortals see
a world without equal
of angels, fairies and mythological animals
not always where the witches are ugly and sad or bitter
but simply witches
simply wise in working with fantastic ingredients
that nature itself provides

Ah ... I want a world
with fairies, elves, angels and mermaids
I want to sing this dimension
and my voice will always be heard
only tell because my song
the most important thing in this world is love ..
by love ...

Jo Angel


I enjoy reading your comments.
I'll visit your blog.


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