Ptolemy and Freud

This post is from February 2012.  I deleted the original illustrations by mistake.  So here is the updated post with the images. 

Earth Centered model of the universe according to Ptolemy

Subconscious  ID, EGO, SUPEREGO model of the mind by Freud

A few days ago my daughter Laurissa sent me an email asking about my thoughts on Sigmund Freud's psychological theories.  The astronomer Ptolemy came to mind.  I told her I believed that Freud's theories can only sometimes explain and predict how a person will behave. It may seem to make sense, the same way Ptolemy's explanation of the universe with earth as the center, seems to make sense.

Even today, Ptolemy's theory accurately explains the motion of the planets. Planetariums still use gears and circles to project the image of the stars and planets using his calculations.

Even though not related in any way; Ptolemy's cycles, epicycles and deferents, sound similar to Freud's Ego, Id and superego in that they try to explain how something works without using scientific proof.

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  1. Very ingenious of you to intertwine the 2 men's theories together in this post.

  2. ~Thank you. And thanks for joining my blog.

  3. Un pensamiento muy interesante. Abrazos y feliz fin de semana!


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