The Top Fell Off My Plant!

This is the top part of my plant.

It's a "Zebra" plant.
Aphelandra Squarrosa is the official name. 
I'm not familiar with the botanical names of plants. 
The name was on the tag that came with the plant .

This is where it was attached.

Here is a closeup. 

I put the top in some water.

Is this what's supposed to happen when the plant grows or is it a disease? 
Originally the flowers were bright yellow. 
Will the top grow into another plant?

If anyone knows please leave a comment.


  1. I am sorry, John, I can't help you. But I did want to tell you what a pretty plant it is...even with the broken top~~~

    1. Maybe it's just a flower that falls off when it's time has come?

  2. Mi spiace non ho nessun consiglio che possa aiutarti per quella meravigliosa pianta!
    Pensavo che forse è come dici tu che è sfiorita oppure che sia un figliolo da trapianto!
    Un abbraccio e buona giornata da Beatris

    1. Dovrò aspettare per vedere se un altro fiore cresce in cima.
      Have Buona giornata Beatris.

  3. I leave plant tags buried in the soil, so that I don't forget what things are called. Most of my plants die however, so I have no advice to offer, sadly.

    1. I also bury them but I don't like them sticking out like at the nursery.
      I may try putting the tag under the plant but then I'll have to be careful because the tag may get lost if I move the plant!


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