Celiac Disease

The last few days have been a bit difficult because my wife Lynette had a very bad flareup of her celiac disease.  She cannot tolerate wheat and some other grains.

Non-stop nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and painful abdomen went on for over a day. She became weak and dehydrated.  Even now, the day after it's difficult to get her to drink fluids.  Chicken soup, green tea and ginger ale are all I can get her to take; that and anti-diarrhea and nausea medication.  

I think the "gluten free" pizza at Ledos restaurant was the cause.  On the menu it was listed as gluten free with a warning that they could not guaranty any cross contamination.  I ate some and I am fine so it was not food poisoning.

Here's a video which explains it better.  The sound is a little too low so you'll have to turn up the volume.


  1. My husband has celiac and he rarely eats out.
    Even with these gluten free menus, that means that the servers MUST understand about cross-contamination! We got a gluten free pizza for him ONCE from Mellow Mushroom, it cost $15.00 and it was like a tiny rice cracker with a smear of tomato on it. Really.
    I would say to check out the great gluten free blogs out there, they have great recipes. (I have a wonderful peanut butter cookie recipe on mine, I have made it now for 30 years!!)
    Oh, and my hubby has the baked potato from Wendy's, that's about it!!

  2. Thanks for your advice! There are very few places where we can eat. There's a small Italian family owned restaurant where the owner understands the problem. He has a family member who has Cileac. He uses separate cooking utensils. The price is higher than for non gluten-free items.
    We only go there if the owner is working!
    I'll have to show my wife your recipe. She loves peanut butter.


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