My Cousin Angela

I found this picture in the pile of old photos I have in my basement. Here Angela has her arms around me. My mother is on the right and my aunt is to the left. My brother looks bored.  I can't tell if the men in the background are our fathers. I'm not sure who took the photo.
I like the style of the old cars. The location is Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Our outfits remind me of the old TV show The Little Rascals.
It looks like I'm wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers T-shirt!
A post from the blog: Stonehouse Cottage Potpourri~ encouraged me to post this photo.

It was sometime in the 50's. Angela's family lived in another state so we didn't get together much. But when we did we had a good time.

I had a boyhood crush on her. I even gave her my doll. I know boys are not supposed to play with dolls. I'm not sure where I got it but I really liked that doll.

The link to the post: 1952...Cousins and Best Friends


  1. Boy! thats such a lovely pic and the both of you (you and Angela) look absolutely blissful!

  2. This is a very interesting picture and a touching story. 50s... You and Angela are so cheerful and happy. Angela is very cute and nice. I understand why you had a crash on her and gave her your doll. I think your doll was special. You could tell her all your secrets and she kept them.

    1. I wish we could have been together more often. We were so innocent and happy.

  3. Thank you,John, for the mention of my blog and my posting! I absolutely love this sweet and loving the two of you are!!!

    She seems so much like me at that age...I loved wearing dresses!

    Giving Angela your doll was a symbol of how much she meant to you. To give someone a possession that you love and care about, is the most wonderful way of showing how much Angela meant to you.

    Lovely photo and story...thank you for sharing :)


    1. Thank you for reminding me about "the good old days".

  4. I like to see those old fashion pictures because of the hair-styles, clothes, shoes and cars etc. People just looked so different in those days. It's also nice to see children looking so happy and relaxed without a care in the world.
    It's also nice to know that from a young age you were willing to give something that you cherished/valued to another person, as many kids would have kept their toys.

  5. I'm not surprised you had a crush on her - she looks impishly cute. :)

    I love the stories these old photos tell... and not a dumb caption in sight!

    1. I was so happy when I found this photo! It brought back some good feelings. I don't remember the details but it sure looks like I was having a great time.


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