Trigger Finger Release 2013

Above is an illustration of how a trigger finger becomes "stuck". The finger can still move but not easily.  It feels like I'm pulling the trigger of a gun. As it gets worse the movement becomes painful. Sometimes I need help from my other hand to let it move.

Cortisone injections only last a few months then the symptoms return.
Here is an illustration.

The video is of the surgical procedure.
Let me warn you. If you are squeamish don't watch it!

I'm scheduled to have the operation this coming Monday  I had to insist to the surgical center that I do not want anesthesia.  I just want a local anesthetic.  With anesthesia I would need an EKG, blood work, an IV and the anesthetic.  I'd also get charged for the services of a nurse anesthetist.  I'm more worried about the anesthesia than the operation.
With a local anesthetic I just walk in and walk out.  There is no pain.  The pressure of a tourniquet is mostly what I will feel.  Any pain afterwords will be the same as with the anesthesia. 
Wish me well. I've had the procedure several times before and I'm sure I'll need it again in the future. If I had to pick an illness this is it.  It's easier than getting a tooth pulled.


  1. Wishing you a "speedy recovery", John~~~

    1. Thank you Jan. If all goes well I should have only a little discomfort. I'll have to use my left hand for a while.
      Enjoy the weekend!

  2. John, I wish you getting well soon after this procedure. I had three months ago carpal tunnel surgery and I am doing OK only a healing process is a very long from 3-6 months.

    I wish you well and I will wait patiently for news about your recovery

    1. Thank you for your kind word Kaya.

  3. I do wish you well. Take great care of yourself!


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