Mindfulness Quotes

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Do we need to make a special effort to enjoy the blue sky?
Do we have to practice to be able to enjoy it?
No, we just enjoy it.
Each second,
Each minute of our lives can be like this.
Wherever we are, any time, we have the capacity to enjoy the sunshine, the presence of each other, even the sensation of our breathing.
We don’t need to go to China
To enjoy the blue sky.
We don’t have to travel into the future
To enjoy our breathing
We can be in touch with these things right now.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

A child walks with its mother.
It sees an oily rainbow
On the road, a leaf, veined
And dappled, on the path,
A puddle full of clouds,
A smiling dog, a cat
That needs to be stroked,
A builder’s van all a-rattle,
A gentle robin.
What did you see?
~Peter Gray

I believe that only one person in a thousand knows 
the trick of really living in the present. 
Most of us spend 59 minutes an hour 
living in the past, with regret for lost joys, 
or shame for things badly done 
(both utterly useless and weakening) - 
or in a future which we either long for or dread. 

Yet the past is gone beyond prayer, 
and every minute you spend 
in the vain effort to anticipate the future is a moment lost. 

There is only one world, 
the world pressing against you at this minute. 
There is only one minute in which you are alive, 
this minute - here and now. 

The only way to live is by accepting each minute 
as an unrepeatable miracle. 
Which is exactly what it is - 
a miracle and unrepeatable. 
~Storm Jameson, novelist, 1891-1986

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