New Wind Chime from Old and Broken Parts

Last year I put together a new wind chime from old broken ones.  It still is all in once piece and with a great sound.  Now I want to try to make another wind chime.  These old parts are not from broken wind chimes but from paint can openers, a chain, fishing line and what's left of an old metal decoration. 

My Plan:
The metal decoration is from an anemometer. It was only a decoration not an actual working instrument.  But the cups should still catch the wind and turn the wind chime. It will be suspended from a chain. The paint can openers will cause a twinkling sound as it spins. When the chain is twisted enough it will spin the chime in the opposite direction. 

I can attach the paint can openers directly to the arms:

Or I can use fishing line to let them swing:
I'll let you know how it turns out later this week.


  1. What a fantastic "recycle" it!!!

  2. I'll have to figure out a way to hang the chain from the top without making the chime lopsided. Maybe something "nicer" than paint can openers would look better.
    Thanks for your feedback Jan.


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