New Wind Chime from Old and Broken Parts (3rd and final post)

 I used paint can openers (keys), fishing line, a cast iron hook, small wire hooks, part of a decorative anemometer and a blue glass ornament that I found in the basement to make this wind chime.  
I get a kick out of using old discarded items to make something new. This one has more of a "country" look to it. It tinkles in the wind.
Sometimes when I look at it, it seems like a pile of junk hanging on fishing line! Anyway it was fun.

Last time I used parts from old broken wind chimes. It's the one on the left. It made it through hurricane Sandy without any damage! I hope the new one will last.


  1. This is great. I'm actually making one of these this week for my husband for father's day. I have a friend who gave me a box of paint can keys and my first thought was a wind chime. This is how i stumbled across your blog.

    1. I enjoyed making it. It takes some time to get everything lined up. Good luck!
      I just joined your blog.

  2. Dear John
    your work is really very good.
    I am also trying to make a chime of wood and light metal, like Alm

    I have a pic of chime. Can I request you to explain the function of this chime.

    1. Dear Shahnawaz,
      I'm sorry I've not been keeping up with my blog lately. I'm trying to self publish a paperback version of my novel. It's more difficult than I imagined!

    2. I'll explain it in a post when I catch up. In the meantime I joined your g+


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