Violent Old Technology in Ancient Rome ~The Gladius

I found the image above and the image after the video below on I blog I just joined:

I shortened this video from an earlier post. I hate the violent feelings it arouses in me yet in a way it excites me.

Can this conflict in my emotions, the repulsion verses the excitement, be learned?  Is it from the constant violence on TV, video games, even the news that teach us to be violent?

Or is violence built into our genes? Is this how the human race survived against the much stronger wild animals?


  1. It's just absolutely amazing to think that 'man' took the time out to sit down and think of various different ways to kill his fellow man. Just imagine, thinking about the size of the blade, it's sharpness, how much devastation you could inflict in the shortest period of time etc etc..... Sad but true and the brutality is still ongoing. Greater weapons are being created as we speak.

    1. You're right. The weapons are getting more lethal.
      I wish peace and happiness were more than only dreams.


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