Only Seasonal and Mold Allergies

  During this past month I've suffered from severe allergy symptoms.  It's never been this bad.  It's not just the pollen. I have a moldy basement due to water coming in when hurricane Sandy passed through my area.

I have a constantly runny nose and itchy eyes. I feel like ripping my eyes from my face. I feel like my eardrums will pop leaving me deaf.  Sleep is difficult. I'm tired.

I hired a contractor to clean up.  He's going to wash the walls with bleach to kill the mold.  Then he's going to use waterproof paint to seal the walls to keep the area dry.

Everything in the basement must be removed so he get to the bare walls.  I put them into the finished off area of the basement. But when the unfinished part is disinfected, painted and sealed I must move everything into the unfinished area.
In the finished area the wall paneling and carpet must be removed before he can work on it. The ceiling has to be tested too. I'm not sure about the furniture.

Luckily we have flood insurance so a good part of the expense will be paid for but not all of it.

For my allergies :
~I bought an air purifier for my bedroom.  Then I returned it when it did not help.

~I tried several antihistamines (Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec) all helped but only a little.

~I tried Sudaphed decongestant.  It seemed to help at first. But then it made me feel much worse.

Finally I saw a doctor. His prescription:
-anti-inflammatory steroid nasal spray
-keep taking zyrtec anthisamine.
-and eye drops which are not covered by my health insurance $160!  I did not buy them.
--Instead I bought over the counter  eye drops.  They were by prescription only a few years ago.
---I also bought a better filter for my heating/cooling system.

The first night I slept well.
The second night I woke up with a severe "hangover".
Hopefully tonight will be better (without the Sudaphed decongestant tablets)

Oh well, it could be worse.


  1. It's disappointing how mold can ruin not only our house, but our health as well. It's really a wise decision to have it all removed, otherwise, you will be dealing with a lot of anti-inflammatory steroids and nasal sprays while the molds continue to exist in your house. Sabrina Benson @

  2. An air dehumidifier could help kill off the errant molds that may still be lingering somewhere in the house. As for the basement, it was a good idea to go with the waterproof paint so that there won’t be any avenues for the mold to sprout again. Buying a new filter was a nice touch too. Hopefully you’re doing better now without the need of meds and such.

  3. That was really unfortunate. Molds can really have an adverse effect not only on those who have allergies, but to everyone as well. Good thing you have made a move to remove them. I hope you’re feeling better now.

    John Spessard


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