My Little Garden Fairy

(c) John Mallozzi

Fairy: A small (imaginary?) being of human form 
that has magical powers, esp. a female one.

(c) John Mallozzi

The top images were created by using the online free editing program called FotoFlexor.
Here is the link FotoFlexer Home

The link is in the bottom of this blog on my list of  USEFUL SITES TO TRY

Then I used the standard Windows Live Photo editing to finish.

These are my original photos of my daughter Laurissa when she was very young.
I also used them in an earlier post.    
Link to the earlier post:
My Daughter the Garden Fairy
(c) John Mallozzi
(c) John Mallozzi


  1. Absolutely beautiful, John...I really love that first one of your darling, pretty cute!!!


    1. Now she's thirty! I don't know where the time went.
      A part of me still thinks of her as a tiny child.


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