A Good Samaritan on a Snow Plow

This morning I was tempted to call someone to clear my driveway but decided to wait.  The forecast called for above freezing temperatures and rain.
I heard the sound of an engine.  When I looked outside my window I saw a man plowing the snow from my driveway.
Before I could go outside to thank him, he was gone!  

Good Samaritan: 
Someone who helps people without wanting or expecting any payment in return.

This made my day!


  1. Now that's what you call a genuine good samaritan John. This person was purely thinking about someone else gaining access to their drive and they had the tools to help and did it. What a marvelous person. Oh, maybe it was an angel! You never know.

  2. Qué bueno que haya personas así!!!! O tal vez... pudo ser un ángel.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

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