Mr. Leotard and the Flying Trapeze

“Synchronicity is a term used by Carl Jung to describe coincidences that are related by meaningfulness rather than by cause and effect.” ― David Richo

It all started while I was watching "It Happened One Night" with my wife. 
When a song about the "Daring Young Man..." came on she said to me 
that it might be good for one of my posts.

Yesterday on January 8, 2014 I did a post about the song:

Now today January 9, 2014, I somehow surfed my way to a post named "Why Leotards Are Called That" from the Today I Found Out blog.
Here's the link:

Some excerpts:

"Born in 1842, Leotard is best known for inventing the flying trapeze routine. His father owned a gymnasium and trained Leotard in his early years. As a boy, he became proficient at the parallel bars and eventually thought to suspend a few ropes from a high bar. This was the birth of the trapeze."

"It was reported that ladies were particularly fond of him because of the garment he wore: a knitted all-in-one suit that stretched taut against his muscles, showing off his physique. The leotard served practical purposes as well, of course. It was easy to move in and aerodynamic, so he didn't have to worry about bits of cloth flapping around while he leapt from rope to rope. This garment was called a “mailott” initially, which simply means “shirt” in French."

"Leotard was so popular that he had a song written about him...

'He'd fly through the air with the greatest of ease
A daring young man on the flying trapeze'

"While he was encouraged by his father to pursue gymnastics at a young age, there was a point in Leotard’s life when he turned away from his training to become a lawyer instead. He actually studied for and passed his law exams. However, he tired of law shortly before joining up with the circus in Paris."

Now this is what's scary.  How did I find this post about Mr. Leotard who invented the flying trapeze a day after I did my post?  This was two days after I watched the movie. Remember that the song was written about him.

Is this only a coincidence? 

I believe this is a sure case of synchronicity. 

I'd love to hear if you've had any of these sorts of experiences.
What are your thoughts about synchronicity?


  1. interesting post John.... I believe possible this case... let' call it synchronicity !
    Have a nice week end..


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