A Frustrating Week!

This past week has been a nightmare for me.  I hurt my back enough to make it extremely painful to walk.  I can't drive because the pain goes down from my right hip to the knee, leaving me with no control of the gas and break pedals. My wife Lynette was good enough to drive me.  


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a frustrating week John. Back pain can be very hard to deal with and you've got to be so careful right now as you don't want to aggravate it. I've heard that certain exercises can be good but it really depends on the type of injury you had.

    Custom fittings for your feet will be worth it, because it's unique to you, and should be more comfortable and supportive. And it's a good thing that your insurance will cover it. I've heard so many bad stories about health insurance.

    I pray that next week is far better for you and your back improves quickly.

    1. Thank you RPD. Your kind wishes are appreciated.
      Enjoy the weekend.

  2. dear John,
    I am sorry to read this ! take it in the best possible way, everything will be solved and I wish you all the best for a prompt recovery ! good luck !!!

    1. Massimo,
      It feels good to know you care.
      Have a good weekend.


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