A Quiet Day

Bird Feeder Lit by Sunrise



  1. What a lovely visit that I had here today, John...beautiful, peaceful and adoring animal friends~

  2. Hey John, not been here in a while. Glad to see you're still posting and your garden still looks like heaven. :)

  3. Hey John M.
    Hope you are doing well these days. We are almost at summer, the longest day, it is my brother's birthday, he says THAT is why it is the longest day, so he can enjoy the day! I have a family with attitude! :-)
    Kay G.

  4. Hallo John,
    sorry for the silence but I had a few terrible weeks at work and I did not get the time to follow properly my relaxing friends..
    You have a very nice and green garden.. and also the best company I see !

    by the way, I spend last week in NY ! eventually I could spend some days.. really an incredible city ! i will post some picture with calm, I have 24 gyg of photos to develope... :-) saluti


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