September 1, 1914; Is the Passenger Pigeon Gone Forever?

I found the idea for this post from a very interesting blog called "Georgia Girl With An English Heart".

Here is the link to her original post:
Georgia Girl With An English Heart- Passenger Pigeon -Fold The Flock-

This video describes the problem:

My lighthearted attempt at the "Fold the Flock" project.

I found a site which offers some hope for bringing back the species.
This video explains the research:

Link to the research site:
"Revive & Restore"Home

This link is for a detailed video about the research:

View the complete documentary here

Say a prayer that the project becomes a success.


  1. Hey! I have an interesting blog! Thank you! :-)
    And you would NOT want to know how I would have folded that paper to make that bird, you notice I made Richard do it!
    I had read about this possibility of using the DNA to possibly bring back extinct species. If it is our fault that they are extinct, then I don't see why it shouldn't be done.
    By the way, Jurassic Park...the book by Michael Crichton was very good. Our son was crazy about dinosaurs and we must have seen that movie 6 or 7 times. I know it by heart! :-)

  2. That first photo is stunning!

    1. When I found it on Bing I copied it for this post. It is a great image.


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