Weed Garden 2014

These are photos of what grew in my tomato garden this year.  My back hurt too much for me to do any gardening. I just let the weeds grow.
In their own way they are beautiful.

A leftover tomato plant from last year came back
but it stayed small and grew no tomatoes. 

This tall weed looks like some sort of bush.

This is a closeup of its main stem.  I like the green and white vertical stripes.

I wonder if these pods will blossom
 or if they are filled with seeds for next year.


  1. If you happen to find any little green tomatoes on that tomato plant, let me know. I can tell you how to make really good fried green tomatoes.
    And I love the clover in that first photo and that plant with the stripes, I like that one too! How is your back doing now, by the way?

    1. I should have had my operation by now but I only went for evaluation and they never got back to me. I called the patient advocate and she set things right. She said it was a mess up by the computer or someone on staff. She was very apologetic. It must be because they're very busy.

      I didn't mention this on my blog because I was not sure how to do it.
      I'm scheduled for pre-op on September 15th and the operation on September 30th.

      I feel good right now because my spinal injections are working. Thank you for asking.

      It's tempting to just call off the operation but I know that someday the pain may return.
      The MRI and x-rays definitely show that I need it.

      September will be busy with my back surgery and Laurissa giving birth. She's due for a c-section on September 4th because the baby is not positioned the right way. That's if she doesn't have the baby before that date. Lynette is packing our bags so we'll be ready to go.


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