I was having some fun with these very different views on life.  I'm not always sure which one I am.

When I'm in a low mood and watch the news I become a pessimist.

When I wake up full of energy and spend time outside in my backyard I'm an optimist.

I'm not too sure about being a realist.  It depends on if I'm correct in assuming that what I believe is true is what actually is true or if I'm only fooling myself and am wrong.

I hope for the best.  "Hopefulist".  It's a word just made up for myself.  

I can add to the caption on the image of a sailboat for this post.

"The pessimist complains about the wind;
The optimist expects it to change;
The realist adjusts the sails;
The "hopefulist" prays that adjusting the sails will really work." 

If things don't look too good then I usually hope against hope.


"hope against hope, to continue to hope, although the outlook does not warrant it."

Here's a dictionary site that I find interesting:

Here is the link:


Optimist: The tendency to expect the best and see the best in all things.

Pessimist: A person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst.

Realist: A person who believes he sees things as they really are.

Then there's the skeptic.

Skeptic: A person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual. 

"Hopefulist": A person who hopes that what he is doing will work.


I don't remember where I first heard this joke, hope you like it.

The optimist says the glass as half full.
The pessimist says the glass as half empty.
The skeptic says it's not even the right glass to start with. 


  1. Hallo John,
    life is changing all the time, and I feel like you.. it really depend from the moment we are leaving...
    I like to say I am an optimistic... but I feel also realistic... and when I see what is happening all around the world.. or just listening the media which are bombing with awful news all the time... well, I feel pessimistic ! :-)
    it's difficult to be ONLY optimistic.. almost impossible, have a nice we

  2. Good quotes.
    I believe we change all the time, but I always try to make the right adjustments to improve the outcome...


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