Two Days Without Water

I get my water from a private well.  It needs a well pump and a well pressure tank to work. My well pressure tank finally died.  It must have been about 30 years old so I can't complain; except that it decided to die on some of the coldest snowy days in February.  July would have been much better.

Luckily I know of a good contractor.  Eric came in the snow and spent the entire day replacing the tank.

I had no idea how much going without water would be such an inconvenience. Using bottled water to drink is easy.  What's really bad is having to go without taking a shower.  You can wash your hands if you use the the water from a bottle.  You can take a "sponge bath".  It's just not the same.

So I melted some snow in cooking pots to have more water to use for washing. That helped a little.

What's the very worst part?  You can't flush the toilet!
After one flush the tank is empty and won't flush again.  I used some melted snow and bottled water to refill the tank but it takes a lot of water.

A well pressure tank is not a well pump.  Here's a video that explains it.

It felt so good to get my water back.

I can understand how bad it must be for the people who have no water for a long time or even lose their home.


  1. you can understand how important it is only when you miss it !!!
    saluti John !

    1. Very true.
      saluti Massimo !

  2. I hate being without water when it freezes. When I was child we had to go outside to pump water. When the pump froze we had to prime it with hot water and pump like crazy. Sometimes it would not work on the first try. Then it was even more work. Everyone should know by now how I feel about indoor toilets. They are a necessity of life and one should never under any circumstances be deprived of that necessity.

  3. that really stinks, we take things for granted until they're gone


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