My 6 Month Old Grandson Loves This Song

Whenever my wife Lynette sings "Baby Talk" by Jan and Dean, my grandson Miles stops crying and listens.

I am only five years old and my baby's three
But I know that she's my girl just you wait and see
When I say I love my girl, she replies to me
(Bom ba ba bom)

Which means to say she loves me
In baby talk
To say she loves me
Dib dib dib dib dib

She can not be very well, everybody knows
But to me she shore looks swell, in her baby clothes
I asked her if her love is true and she only goes
(Bom ba ba bom)

I'll tell the world, that I love her so
And if she wants to be my girl
I'll never, (ever), never let her go

When I kiss her on the cheek, oh so tenderly
Although I'm only five years old, and my baby's three
(Um dab um dab um dab dab um dab um dab dab)
I really love my baby
Dib dib dib dib dib
Love my baby
Dib dib dib dib dib


  1. How nice, John. This is such a precious photo, too. :)


  2. Oh, how wonderful!
    My Aunt changed the words from "Surfer Girl" by the Beach Boys, to "Christopher" for her little boy, made it into a lullaby.
    I totally stole that from her when I named my son Christopher!

  3. I love that song too. Miles and I would get along just fine. The first time my oldest grandson (he was 2 or 3 years old) heard Hit The Road Jack he couldn't stop laughing. He thought it was the funniest thing he ever heard.

  4. very sweet !
    I am glad for you John , you have a very nice grandson !

  5. John, I've never heard that song, but enjoyed listening to it. Aren't grandkids wonderful?

  6. Hello John!
    Thanks for visiting my Friend!
    Lovely post, GOD bless you and your Family!

  7. Oh!!! That beautiful and happy smile just warmed my heart and made me smile, too.

    Lovely post, John and it is so nice to hear from you once again.

  8. ¡Miles es precioso!
    Me da mucha alegría su sonrisa :)


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