Fitness Exercise Crazes in the Last 100 Years

Whatever works is okay.  I just go for walks, do a few dumbbell exercises and physical therapy at home by myself.  I know it's not very exciting but at least it is something I can get myself to do.

I almost forgot.  I have a stationary bike in my bedroom.  The good thing is that I can watch TV while using it.  But most of the time it only holds clothes and pillows.  


  1. Hello John!
    Great post, good day my friend.

  2. Good post John...
    my look on exercise is that "walking" is the best and the easiest on the body. I have two very bad knees (they both need replacement surgery...which they will not get) but, I can still walk...albeit slower than I could before :)

  3. I also have a stationary bike. Because I have bad knees the treadmill is a little hard on me. But the bike does strengthen my legs immensely.

  4. John...I revamped my newest blog and its look...Morning Coffee and a Blog, still looks the same :) I just wanted to let you know and to thank you for being my one of my 2nd blog's first followers~

  5. That was a very interesting video that you posted. It was cool to see how far we have come in terms of how we exercise. I also follow your belief that walking is a good exercise. It is low impact and give you a chance to take in what is going on around you. I have a lake I walk around almost every other day.

    Isaac Bush @ Orange Theory Fitness Folsom


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