Miniature Indoor Apple Tree Project #1

I'm starting a new project that isn't really a bonsai tree but just a small tree in a pot.  It doesn't require special knowledge and skill.  It also grows a lot faster.
I got the idea from the "Blog Click" site.

The link on the blog: Maçã como plantar, How to plant apple.  It's a good Brazilian site in Portuguese and English.

I started with two large Gala apples.  The first one only had two seeds!  I thought there would more.  

I had better luck with the second apple.
I always have a problem with planting seeds and thinning the seedlings.  Which seeds do I plant and which sprouts do I let live when I thin out the pot? Even though it can't be helped, it still feels a little sad, like I'm killing some of them.

I didn't use the two seeds from one apple because it seems to me there must be something wrong with producing only 2 seeds.

I read somewhere that if a seed floats in water instead of sinking; it may be empty.  I don't know how true this is but I tried it anyway.  I came up with 3 seeds.

Here's the video.

I'll show my progress in the next post.


  1. This will be a fun project for us to watch. I cannot wait for the next installment.

  2. I always wanted to grow an apple tree, but I never got very far when I tried many years ago.

  3. Good luck to you! My in-laws have an apple tree in the back garden in England.
    You know I have to sing "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me" when I am there! Everything reminds me of a song...EVERYTHING! :-)

  4. In our old house we had at least 4 apples trees, then a bunch of berry trees too.

  5. Good luck! This will be the first tree of your soon-to-be apple farm, I just know it!

  6. Good luck with this project. I might try this if it turns out good for you. I'm usually really hard on plants and either can't get them to grow or can't keep them alive.


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