Squirrel Feeder?

Whenever I put seed in the bird feeder a squirrel helps himself to dinner.  I don't mind because it's fun to watch.

The feeder is almost empty but he finds whatever seeds are left.

Here he's sticking his head inside the plastic seed holder plate by lifting it with his nose.  I once had to help a squirrel get out after he trapped himself inside. Later I saw him lift the plate with his hand to get in and out.  He was a fast learner.

Dinner is over.


  1. I love squirrels, I find them very intelligent and entertaining. :) Your photos are lovely, John.

  2. You have taken pictures of a beautiful gray squirrel. It is nice of you to not take offense at him stealing your bird seed.

  3. Squirrels are evil geniuses alright.

  4. My brother had one and he would flip out when the squirrels would get on it. I thought it was pointless, if you can feed birds then squirrels why not?

  5. Hello John!
    Beautiful Place!
    thanks for visitngs in my blogs!
    Good week my Friend!

  6. I know what you mean John...we have gray squirrels and red squirrels and both kinds are fun to watch. You can almost see their minds figuring out how to get a free meal or what great acrobatic stunt they will accomplish next :)

    Great post and pics!!!


  7. We too enjoy watching the squirrels and their crazy antics. Can't understand why some people feed the birds and seem to hate the squirrels? Someone told me it's because they're *destructive*. Maybe so, but even my own cats can be destructive sometimes... that's life... I still love them.


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