Indoor Apple Tree Progress #2

This is the pot I'm using. 

The 3 seeds I'm using.  Notice the top one has some sort of piece growing out.  Could it be a root or a stem?

I wrapped them in a wet paper towel to help them sprout.

Then I put the towel in a plastic bag to keep the seeds moist.

After a few days a brown stain appeared.

I took the seeds out of the plastic bag and unfolded the paper towel.
Here are two of the three seeds.

This is the seed with a small projection.

I planted all 3 seeds.  Now I'll wait to see what develops.

I'll make a post when or if I get a sprout.


  1. Wow! I have done the same thing with orange (pips) seeds. I started mine a year ago. Where we live it gets cold so like you I am growing my seeds inside, too ;)

    I will try and get a photo and put it on my blog, too.
    Good luck with your apple trees!!!


  2. Hi, John...I posted a photo today of the orange trees that I have started from seeds.

    If you would like to see the photo here is the URL...

    These tiny plants as I said above are about a years growth from seeds that were in our oranges~


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